Project Description

Diploma in Renewable energy

The Diploma in Solar Technology with internship program is an intensive course aiming to produce future leaders in the energy sector. The global energy system is undergoing a process of rapid change. Industries, economies and societies face complex challenges and uncertainties that could become more extreme in the future. Both government and industry need to be able to understand and adapt to this changing context.Through this course you’ll gain a rigorous analytical training and in-depth real-world knowledge of global energy systems. There’s also hands-on training in the management of energy-related issues. Your training will help to give you an added advantage in the energy job market..

It will cover from the basics of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, small hydropower and bioenergy, promoting the development of alternative energy sources. The goal of the course is to create a fundamental understanding of the core concepts necessary to work with all PV systems. This includes system components, site analysis, PV module criteria, mounting solutions, safety, and commissioning. The course will also cover the basics of sizing residential grid-direct systems, wire sizing, over current protection, and grounding.

IISE  is launching a one year Diploma in Solar Renewable energy for Diploma holders with 6 months of classroom training with on the job training internship with reputed…..Read more.